Consequences of Drug Abuse

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The consequences of drug abuse are far-reaching. It affects every area of a person’s life including their job, finances, family, health, and friendships. Furthermore, it can have a devastating effect on the people closest to the user, many of whom are not equipped to deal with the problem.

Many people who abuse drugs deny that the problem exists. As such, by the time they are ready to get help, they may have lost the most important things in their life that are most valuable. This is why early intervention is critical to the well-being of the user.

Drug abuse impacts people in different ways. Some of the most common consequences of drug abuse include the following factors.

Physical and Mental Health

At the core of a person’s well being is their health. This is where the consequences of drug abuse often strike first. Health problems range from mental disorders to medical issues. Some health issues occur as a result of an overdose. Others happen gradually over a period of months or years.

Drug abuse can lead to cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, and digestive problems, as well as the breakdown of organ function. It can lower energy levels and decrease motivation. Mental disorders associated with drug abuse include psychosis, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. They can also intensify symptoms of bipolar disorder or ADHD.

Family Relationships

Families typically do not know how to handle addiction. Consequently, family members may also suffer from a range of emotional problems, as well as abuse, neglect, conflict, and disconnect. While some families never recover from drug abuse, others get professional and work out the problems.

Both children and spouses are victims of drug abuse. While they process traumas in different ways, both experience emotional and mental turmoil, as the addiction gets worse. For this reason, treatment centers offer therapy for all family members  – not just the person who has the addiction.


The economic toll of drug abuse can set a household back financially by several years. Users may drain a bank account time and again while ignoring obligations to bills, monthly expenses, and debt. Sadly, they lose their house, car, or other assets before they finally get help for their problem.

Business owners may sink an entire investment into drug use to maintain their addiction. In worst-case scenarios, a person may borrow from friends and family, steal, or try to get money illegally to support the habit.

Job or Career

Too many hangovers, missed days, or careless behavior at work will eventually lead to a dismissal. Someone can work their entire lives to build a career only to lose it within a few months after using drugs.

While the immediate consequences are bad enough, drug abuse may ruin any future opportunities for career advancement. It can affect a person’s professional reputation to the point where they are no longer hirable.

Don’t Suffer the Consequences of Drug Abuse Alone

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