Benefits of Medical Alcohol Detox

Man thinks about benefits of medical alcohol detox.

If you’ve recently made the brave choice to seek help for a drinking problem, you may be wondering what to expect. The first step is usually a stay in medical detox to address alcohol withdrawal symptoms as you step down from what may well be considered an addiction. The benefits of medical alcohol detox will be different for everyone, but they generally involve having a set of medical professionals nearby watching over you during the uncomfortable period of alcohol withdrawal.

The staff at Summit Detox is experienced in delivering the benefits of medical alcohol detox as well as support for detox from numerous other substances. Call Summit Detox at [Direct] today to learn more.

Why Is Medical Detox Important?

For most people, substance abuse treatment begins with a period of medical detox. There are several reasons for this that relate to the effects of drugs and alcohol on the brain and the body.

Drugs and alcohol are substances that change how your brain works. These substances, even in small quantities, can lead to poor decision-making and changes in behavior.

That poses a problem for the counseling phase of treatment. If you’re not thinking straight, and not truly yourself, you can’t really provide the perspective you need to find solutions.

Medical detox is also important because the repeated use of drugs or alcohol has convinced the body it needs these substances to survive. Once you begin to taper, your body reacts by causing withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal includes some symptoms that can be severe and even life-threatening. Medical supervision is designed to keep that from happening.

Benefits of Medical Alcohol Detox

Some people may wonder if it’s necessary to enter a treatment facility for medical detox to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Each case is a little different. But trying to detox on your own is probably a bad idea.

The benefits of medical alcohol detox include:

  • Medical supervision on hand for potentially severe withdrawal symptoms
  • Freedom from distractions
  • Focus on treatment and health and welfare
  • Privacy in a non-judgmental environment
  • Access to necessary prescriptions, such as sedatives, if necessary

Not every substance requires a stay in medical detox. But since the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can be severe, it’s something one should seriously consider.

What Happens After Medical Detox?

Alcohol addiction is certain to require alcohol detox, but that’s not the end of the treatment journey. Though medical detox can last for weeks stretching to months, you still have work to do when it concludes.

Upon clearing detox, you begin addiction counseling. In individual and group therapy sessions, you will interact with a trained addiction therapist to chart a new course for your life into the future.

The therapy sessions in part involve looking back into your past to understand the reasons why you’ve ended up in a situation where you’ve required medical detox to address alcohol withdrawal. It may involve discussions of your family background and how you react and respond to pressures.

Participation in group therapy is useful as a way of developing peer support. Listening and learning from others has been shown to help treatment move forward.

In the end, counseling should provide you with new coping skills to avoid a relapse in the future.

Choose Medical Detox at Summit Detox

Alcohol addiction puts your life and freedom at risk. Receiving treatment can help diminish those risks, starting with medical detox. The physicians and counselors at Summit Detox have a background geared to helping you through alcohol addiction, starting with the effects of alcohol withdrawal. Summit operates a nationally accredited 20-bed medical facility for individuals 18 and older where doctors and counselors supervise you through the withdrawal stage, providing medical care as needed. The purpose of alcohol detox is to flush toxins from your body and get you stabilized for the next phases of treatment. Our staff is trained to address substance abuse using the latest in evidence-based addiction care. Reach a counselor by contacting Summit Detox today at [Direct] for an initial consultation.

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