Benefits of a Women’s Detox Center

Two women discuss the benefits of a women's detox center

Addiction can affect women differently than it affects men. For this reason, Summit Detox in South Florida offers treatment programs to meet the needs of women. By focusing on women’s needs, our women’s detox center can improve retention rates and give women a fighting chance at overcoming addiction. Treatment is also geared toward addressing mental health issues that are specific to women.

There are other benefits to women’s detox center. Gender-specific treatment programs remove many issues that can arise when men are present in therapy sessions or within treatment programs. Female clients feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings, thus increasing the likelihood of success. A women detox program can also help women build lasting relationships and have a sense of teamwork when recovering together.

What Are the Benefits of Women’s Detox Center?

Numerous studies have shown that men and women become addicted to drugs or alcohol for different reasons. For instance, men are more likely to abuse illicit drugs or alcohol and develop marijuana use or binge drinking habits. On the other hand, women have higher rates of prescription drug abuse.

Research has also shown that men require extended periods of treatment (i.e., 60 or 90-day programs) more frequently than women. However, women have higher relapse rates than men. These are factors that drug detox programs consider when developing a treatment that meets women’s needs.

Fewer Distractions

Being around the opposite sex during detox can be a distraction for some women. Another gender’s presence can create emotional tension making it difficult for some to focus on their treatment. Frequently, this is due to past trauma, such as intimate partner abuse or sexual assault.

A woman who does not feel comfortable being around men during recovery may withdraw during group therapy. By removing the trigger of male clients, women stand a better chance of staying on track during recovery.

Peer Support

Another benefit of a women’s detox center is the support that a woman receives from other women. Having shared experiences helps clients to relate to one another, making a strong connection in the room. This fosters greater participation within the group or program, making discussion flow much more smoothly.

Women often face deep-seated mental and emotional challenges due to social and cultural pressures that can best be explored among peers who experience and understand these pressures first-hand. Trust is gained, and relationships are strengthened with each therapy session.

Treatment Is More Effective

An addiction treatment program is only effective if it meets the client’s needs and helps them reach their recovery goals. A women detox center offers an array of treatment therapies and programs such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment

Women can choose from evidence-based and holistic therapy that promotes lifelong recovery without relapse. Treatment programs are designed to guide women through every recovery stage until returning to their daily lives.

Less Time Spent Discussing Gender Issues

Across many societies and cultures, the burden of childcare falls predominantly to women. In the United States, there is a significant gender pay gap. These are just two gendered issues that put specific pressure upon women leading some to abuse drugs or alcohol. In a women’s detox program, gender issues can be explored, and clients can learn how expectations and pressures affect their substance use disorder.

Learn More About the Women’s Detox Center at Summit Detox

If you would like to learn more about how to get help for addiction, contact Summit Detox. We provide gender-specific treatment at our women’s detox center. Our goal is to help you get on the path to recovery. Call Summit Detox at [Direct] or contact us at your earliest convenience to explore your treatment options and determine how to get started with your treatment plan.

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