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So you or someone you love has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. We know you’re coming to terms with a lot of emotions right now, but you should also feel proud. The first step toward healing is admitting you have a problem. The next step is seeking help. That’s where we come in.

Summit Detox is one of the premier residential detox facilities out there. If you live in South Florida and are seeking alcohol detox near West Palm Beach, FL, then take a look at what Summit Detox has to offer.

The Top Alcohol Detox Near West Palm Beach, FL

What makes Summit Detox stand out as one of the best facilities for alcohol detox near West Palm Beach, FL? For one thing, our attention to individualized patient care is matched by our luxurious accommodations. Here are a few more reasons Summit is the right residential detox facility for you:

  • Accredited and licensed by esteemed organizations
  • Deluxe accommodations with healthy and comforting meal options
  • Smoking breaks allowed on the facility grounds
  • Trained medical detox experts evaluating your vital signs and symptoms
  • Holistic care focuses on treating the entire individual
  • Counseling and mental health services

These are just a few of the aspects that make Summit Detox’s residential facility stand out. We take our duty seriously: to help you achieve your goal of sobriety. And we believe the best way to do that is by providing you with individualized, top-level treatment.

When Is It Time for Me to Go to a Detox Clinic?

Now you know what Summit Detox has to offer you, but how do you know when the time is right to enter a residential program? Well, in short, anyone experiencing problems related to alcohol addiction can benefit from entering a detoxification program. If you’re unsure if you have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, consider the following symptoms:

  • Do you regularly experience memory lapses after drinking?
  • Do you start to feel hungover if you don’t drink every day?
  • Would you rather spend time drinking than doing things you used to enjoy?
  • Do you require a drink to feel at ease?
  • Has alcohol interfered with your job, friends, or family life?

If you have one or more of the symptoms above, that might be a sign that it’s time for you to seek out help and overcome your unhealthy relationship with alcohol once and for all.

What Can I Expect From Detox?

If you have an addiction, your body will begin going through withdrawal symptoms as soon as you deprive it of alcohol. As the substance leaves your body, you’ll find yourself experiencing mental and physical discomfort.

In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous to your physical health without medical supervision. But regardless of how severe your alcohol dependence is, you’ll benefit from the support and knowledge our trained medical staff provide you every step of the way.

We evaluate your health and progress during this stage to ensure you’re as safe and comfortable as possible. Once your treatment has stabilized, we move on to the next part of your journey to sobriety. This is where Summit Detox will provide you with the resources you need to develop a transition plan, so you remain sober once you leave our facility.

Seeking Help from Summit Detox

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from an unhealthy relationship to alcohol, take action now. When you’re looking for alcohol detox near West Palm Beach, FL, Summit Detox is here for you.

The sooner you contact us online or by calling [Direct], the sooner our trained medical experts can help you get the help you need. Say goodbye to your relationship with alcohol and take control of your life today.

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