How to Identify Drug Addiction in Your Loved One

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Drug addiction is ravaging the country and damaging the lives of tens of millions of people. Families have been broken up due to drug addiction, jobs have been lost, and finances ruined. The signs of addiction are sometimes visible, but in many cases are more subtle, sometimes leaving family members and other loved ones worried about whether an individual is dealing with an addiction issue.

It’s critical to know if your loved one is facing a battle with substance abuse because early intervention with drug detox programs is key to a successful recovery. Let’s examine some ways you can identify drug addiction in your loved one with the help from Summit Detox.

Signs of Addiction in Your Loved One

The signs of addiction will vary from person to person. For one thing, the type of substance they are using will be a factor. Also, the length of time they have been using and the severity of their addiction will affect the signs of addiction they exhibit.

However, some of the signs of addiction are universal. For example, you may notice your loved one beginning to act differently. They may act secretive or distant, isolating themselves as the substance takes control of their lives. Maybe your loved one seems anxious or overly stimulated. You may see that their pupils are dilated, or they may talk rapidly and incessantly, whereas before, they didn’t behave in this way.

Not all drugs will have this effect, of course. If your loved one is dealing with a different type of drug addiction, they may act subdued, drowsy, or otherwise “out of it.” Maybe they nod off in the middle of having a conversation with you or while watching TV. These all could indicate your loved one needs early intervention for drug detox in South Florida.

What Should You Do If Your Loved One Shows Signs of Addiction?

Knowing your loved one is demonstrating the signs of drug addiction may feel disheartening, but it’s also plus in that it may allow you to get them the help that they need. Now you can work to help them get into an inpatient program like our detox center in South Florida. During medically supervised drug and alcohol detox, doctors and nurses will provide exceptional care for your loved one. They ensure your loved one is safe during this experience and as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, at an inpatient detox center, doctors monitor your loved one’s vital signs to make sure they are not overly distressed or at risk of adverse health outcomes. If they need medication, the doctors will provide it. Also, they will receive nutritional meals regularly while they are in drug detox. They must regain their physical health during this time.

Find Help for Drug Addiction at Summit Detox

At Summit Detox in South Florida, our addiction specialists are here to help your loved one get through this difficult time. You can rest easy knowing that your loved one will be in good hands. They will receive quality care in our facility.

At Summit, we show compassionate understanding to those who are struggling with drug addiction. No matter what drug your loved one is dealing with, we can help. We work with a wide variety of substances. Our unique treatment plans are personalized for each individual and tailored to their needs. Among our treatment programs, you will find:

You can help your loved one today by reaching out for early intervention. Don’t let substance abuse ruin your loved one’s life. Now that you know more about how to identify the signs of drug addiction, reach out to a quality rehab center in South Florida today.

Contact Summit Detox at (888) 995-5265, and we’ll help guide your loved one on the road to recovery.

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