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You might be thinking of quitting drug use. But you do not know where exactly to start from. We dare say that that initiative to quit is more than a step in the right direct direction. It will free you from the shackles of addiction that affect more than 23.5 million Americans.

Changing your mentality from drug use to drug abstinence helps you to prepare for the recovery process, and this process is not as easy as it sounds. It can get very uncomfortable for the user, depending on the extent of their addiction. Fortunately, Summit Detox is a drug detox in South Florida that can help you navigate this journey.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the process of eliminating toxins from the body. These toxins accumulate in the body because of drug use. They are sometimes responsible for the poor state of health and appearance that one assumes after a long period of drug use.

You can choose to detox in two ways – at home or in a medical detox facility. Detoxing from home involves avoiding drug use until your body re-adjusts itself to normal functioning. This can be very difficult. Once your body normalizes functioning under the influence of drugs, it can be hard and sometimes fatal for a person to discontinue drug use abruptly.

Another form of detox is the medical detox process. This form of detox requires you to enroll in a reputable medical facility. The facility will either enroll you on a part-time basis or a full-time basis, depending on your preference. After enrolling, medics will prescribe medications that will help your body detox and stabilize safely. Your withdrawals will not be as uncomfortable as when you detox from home. We have a drug detox in South Florida that can help you to medically detox.

Benefits of Drug Detox

Drug detox has a myriad of benefits for the substance abuser. Some of these benefits include:

  • Overcoming Dependence: Drug dependence is one of the signs that you are developing an addiction. If you do not attend to it early enough, you risk developing a substance use disorder. Detox can help you beat the dependence by freeing your body of the chemicals responsible for dependence.
  • Regaining Control: As a substance user, it reaches a point where you do and says things without first thinking about their consequences. A detox will free you from this effect of the drugs. In the process, you get to rebuild relationships that you destroyed.
  • Foundation for Recovery: Detoxification is the first step towards making a full recovery. It helps to rid your body of harmful chemicals before you can stabilize and receive appropriate treatment.
  • Improving your Health: Drugs can hurt your health. For instance, alcohol abuse can cause liver damage. Drug detox will give you the chance to rejuvenate vital organs that were adversely affected by drug use.

Treatment at Summit Detox

Summit drug detox in South Florida has detox programs for different drug addictions. The programs will help you detox, get treatment, and maintain your sobriety.

They include:

  • Alcohol detox program: The program will help you to detox from alcohol use in a medically-supervised environment. It will also prepare you for enrollment in an alcohol treatment program.
  • Opiate detox program: The program will examine your condition through a thorough evaluation. It will then stabilize you both physically and psychologically as you detox.
  • Codeine detox program: This program specializes in helping people with addiction to codeine. It will help you to detox and deal with the withdrawals comfortably.
  • Oxycodone detox program: The program will help you to deal with dependence on oxycodone even if you use them for medicinal purposes. Doctors will administer other medications to help you reduce the cravings for the opiate.

Wondering Where to Drug Detox in South Florida? Enroll With Summit Detox Today

Don’t let drug addiction strain the relationships that you enjoy in life or even limit you from realizing your full potential. You can overcome it by joining a drug detox in South Florida, such as Summit Detox.

If you or your loved one needs help with addiction, contact Summit Detox via (888) 995-5265. We can transform your situation.

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