Woman knows about mental health during drug detox.

Guide to Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Mental health and substance abuse are two sides of the same coin. Not only do millions suffer simultaneously from mental health issues and drug or alcohol addiction, but some of their clinical elements are the same. Mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression often lead to substance abuse, and the opposite is also true….

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Woman looks at a South Tampa heroin detox center.

What to Look for in a South Florida Heroin Detox Center

Heroin is one of the most dangerously addictive drugs present in our society and has been for decades. Falling prey to heroin addiction will likely require you to spend time in a heroin detox facility. Detox is a process where doctors supervise you as you step down from your addictions. Tapering your use from an…

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Woman struggles with side effects of Suboxone.

Side Effects of Suboxone

The country has made enormous progress in caring for individuals suffering from opioid use disorder. Treatment methods and resources have grown tremendously — partially highlighted by the increased use of Suboxone to reverse the effects of certain opioids. But, as with almost all drugs, there are tradeoffs. What are the side effects of Suboxone and…

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Man struggles with how to ease morphine withdrawal.

How to Ease Morphine Withdrawal Symptoms

Prescription opioids such as morphine have been a central part of the nation’s opioid epidemic. But they are also incredibly effective in alleviating pain and suffering for individuals suffering significant illness such as cancer. Unfortunately, prescription drugs such as morphine can lead to addiction, and stepping down from that addiction leads to morphine withdrawal symptoms….

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man thinking about the signs of drug addiction

How to Identify Drug Addiction in Your Loved One

Drug addiction is ravaging the country and damaging the lives of tens of millions of people. Families have been broken up due to drug addiction, jobs have been lost, and finances ruined.

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woman feeling the effects of withdrawal during opioid detox

What Happens During Opioid Detox and Withdrawal?

Opioid addiction in America is at an epic level. It has caused millions of people immeasurable harm. From broken families to injured bodies, the scars of opioid addiction are telling.

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woman taking benzo pill without knowing What Are Benzos

What Are Benzos?

What are benzos? They are a synthetic medication that relaxes the nerves in the central nervous system. The primary function of benzos is to reduce the symptoms associated with seizures, anxiety, panic attacks, or similar conditions.

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hand with syringe and pills showing the Dangers of Fentanyl

What Are the Dangers of Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is in a class of drugs known as opioids. Developed in 1960, doctors prescribe fentanyl to patients who suffer from chronic pain due to terminal illness.

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opiate vs opioid prescription bottles and pills

Opiate vs. Opioid: What Is the Difference?

What is the difference between opiate vs. opioid? The term opiate refers to any drug that is extracted naturally from the poppy plant.

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teen girl wondering What Is a Drug Overdose

What Is a Drug Overdose?

High dosages of a drug can overwhelm the normal functioning of the body. An accidental overdose occurs when one takes more quantities of a drug than they intended.

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