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An elevated level of comfort for our patients.

Our campus is located between the waters of the Intracoastal and the Atlantic Ocean in beautiful South Florida. The serene atmosphere of our setting sets a tone of ease and relaxation. The balmy winds that embrace your face will help you focus on your goals while allowing you to think positively about your new future.

We believe our luxury detox facility helps promote wellness, and allows you to more easily end your addiction. Unlike many other facilities, we offer smoke breaks, in the belief that this keeps the focus on recovery from drugs or alcohol without distraction.

Our amenities help us create a nurturing and supportive experience. We cater hot, fresh meals to all our patients. Some of the extras we offer are healthy food options along with comfort food.

We have provide a warm, home-like environment with large, comfortable group rooms that will help you feel more at ease and allow you to interact with others when you choose.

When you want some alone time, you can retreat to your room with a private bath and a TV. Infinity beds are used throughout Summit Detox and are designed so you can adjust your back and legs into a number of reclining positions. This is just one of the many features we offer that will help you to rest easier during your journey to recovery.



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